ARMENIA- Apricot Jam!

Oh my gosh! I finished my jam on Monday and I keep on forgetting to post! But now I am! Let’s make some jam!


You will need…

1 cup of water (it’s jam…),

A little bit over a cup of sugar,

2 tablespoons of lemon juice,

And of course, 8 apricots (or one pound)

First, you cut the apricots into quarters. The only problem is they have pits. So just push it down and it will remove the pit


Now put it in a pot, and add the sugar, like layer it’s apricot, sugar, apricot, sugar, etc. And now you can chill out, do your homework, get dinner ready, or anything, because you got three free hours on you to let the sugar melt! This is what the sugar should look like after:


Now, add the water and cook your jam on medium heat for an hour, BUT you are not really free, because you have to skim the foam off every 5 minutes. So sorry, no girls night out.


Then reduce the heat to low and add the lemon juice. Cook it for 5 more minutes, transfer it to a jar, and refrigerate!





4 thoughts on “ARMENIA- Apricot Jam!

  1. Wow Jack, this looks like an amazingly delicious recipe! Thank you for sharing. I am going to put this on my recipe to-do list for the holidays 🙂


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