AZERBAJAN- Tall Turkey Pie

I’d literally make this just so I could have the resplendent cheese crust. It’s so soft and moist! If you are wondering why resplendent is bolded, I will include all my Language Arts vocab that I had a test on… Last week. Except oscillate, oscillate will be hard.

Lets roll.


So first of all, I was in a quandary when I found out there was way too much onion in it. However, to assuage this, use 1 onion. I was vacillating, but I knew it would quell the overpowering of the onion. *sigh* 6 down, 14 to go.

You will need,

5 eggs,

3 tablespoons of flour,

3 tablespoons of mayo (This is the only time you well have to mix mayo, eggs, and flour… ever),

and about 2 bags of Sargento cheddar cheese (yeah… a lot)

2 pounds of ground turkey (Get it provincially)

6 tablespoons of butter (To grease up the onions)

1 medium onion (Derive it from a farmers market or something that sounds local)

Salt ‘n’ Pepa (So you can Push It… It never gets old)

First things first, Clad or line two 13 X 11-inch baking sheets with parchment (baking paper) and preheat the oven to 355F. Now… about the eggs… Whip Them! Into Shape! Shape it Up! Get it Straight! Go Forward! Move Ahead! Try to Detect it! It’s Not Too Late! To Whip Them! Or just beat them with a mixer. And now add the cheddar, maya, and flour. Not flowers. Lets not eat daffodils today. Anyways, endeavor to make the ingredients look like a sauce by Steering Eet Up. To make sure you don’t do it in a cursory fasion, ere is a picture of what it should look like;


You are welcome. Otherwise it would be ineffectual. See how congenial I am? Anyways divide it in half and put each half on a baking sheet, so there are 2 blobs on 2 baking sheet. 1 blob on each one. Spread it around so every part of the paper is covered, it may be a little thin. Anyways, bake them on the middle rack of the oven until it’s browning around the edges. Once it’s browned, take it out and cut each now good looking flatbread-like thing in half. Well, let it cool first (If you don’t, well, that will leave you dehydrated). So, lets get this filling started. Chop up the onion by oscillating the knife back and forth, chopping it. Sure it will leave an abrasion in the onion, but thats the desired result. Oh yeah, and if you get a cut from the knife, don’t put salt water on it. I just want to corroborate that you ascertain that you know that the salt water will only exacerbate the situation, not quell it. Well, those are all the words! But back on track, put the butter in a skillet  and toss in the onion, cooking until golden, and stirring frequently. Once it’s done, let it cool. Now, moosh the ground turkey in a bowl. And don’t knead it, moosh it. Feel the turkey between the spaces of your fingers. Then moosh some more as you add the salt, peppa, and onion. Ohh yeah! And then set it aside. Now lets do some layers. Preheat the oven to 320F. Cut out large pieces of foil paper and arrange them on a baking sheet in a crossing manner, so that the foil paper covers the entire bottom of the pan and is extending outside, like in the picture. You will  wrap the assembled pie around the foil paper, so make sure its sides are long enough. As you can see, that had no expression whatsoever. Well thats because I copy-pasted it from the original recipe, I could not say it better. Anyways once you do the foil thingy, Put a half-cheese flatbread on the bottom, and put a third of the mooshy mixture on top of that. Repeat that 3 times.

As you can see, I can not get enough of mooshing, so I do it on the layers!
As you can see, I can not get enough of mooshing, so I do it on the layers!

Anyways, you are close now. Now fold the sides of the foil over the pie, bake for 50 minutes, let it cool inside the wrap for 10 minutes, open it up, and like a magic trick, the flatbread is now moist!




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9 thoughts on “AZERBAJAN- Tall Turkey Pie

  1. Have you shown this to your language arts teacher, easy A+ on vocab.
    Looks like this was fun to make, I would also get into the mooshing 😀.
    How did the family like this?


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