BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Ćevabdžinica Sarajevo


Okay, Okay. Sorry about my blandness in the last recipe. But I’ll make up for it here! You may be wondering, What the heck is a Hefiohefuihiosfhuifoehuiso Sarajevo? Well first off, that’s not how you pronounce it. How you pronounce, I have no honest clue. Secondly, it’s not even a food, it’s a restaurant. Whaaat? You ask. You are intrigued now. And that is the intro.


Cevabdzinica Sarajevo is a restaurant in Astoria, NYC. It’s on the corner of 34th Avenue and 38th Street. What does it have? Let’s see the picture of me eating everything to find out;


Okay, let’s start with what I’m drinking, it’s a no sugar added soda. It’s made in Slovenia but mainly consumed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Bread: Well, the bread. It’s amazing. That’s it. It’s amazing!

Cheese Burek: The cheese pie bread thing in the middle of the picture is called “cheese burek”. It’s a mixture of ricotta and another Balkan cheese. It is de-lish!

Cevapi: I asked our waitress


what the most traditional item is on the menu. She immediately replied “Cevapi”. So that’s what we got. It. Was. Incredible. And no, this isn’t an advertisement. It was amazing. Not too spicy, not to sweet, but savory and delicious. If you ever have the time, go to this restaurant. If you don’t have time, get time. This place is incredible- even though it’s a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, it delivers. This gets an 87/100



4 thoughts on “BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Ćevabdžinica Sarajevo

  1. Hi Jack
    I think your ventures to ethnic restaurants is great. Probably gives you lots of new ideas and help you appreciates the cultures you are exploring in your cooking at home! Right😉? And….I think adding videos would be great – but I also love your writing. Changes to come I see…. Maybe your mom doesn’t know this, but your great granny Mimi traveled to Sarajevo way back when it was still a beautiful city in Europe.
    Love, A.L.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jack, I love what you are doing with ‘tripping over food’! Your curiosity in the eating habits of other cultures encourages your readers to branch out and be more adventurous in trying new and different foods. You have filled a culinary void by creating a much needed exposure to other cultures, their foods, as well as publicizing their restaurants.
    I have to admit that I get in a rut with my cooking and food choices, but you inspire me to “take a trip over food”. Off I go………………
    Love, AC 😍


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