BURKINA FASO: Banfora Welshcakes

Hello everybody!  Today we are making Banfora Welshcakes, so let’s take a look at where they come from!

Alright, let’s make a crossover between a pancake, a cookie, and dried pineapples, which, as you can tell, does not taste exactly like the best thing I’ve ever had. One of the ingredients managed to ruin the taste


The suspects are,

2 cups of flour,

2 1/2 tsp of baking powder,

1/2 cup of margarine (I mean, I guess you could use butter, a healthier alternative, but the recipe called for margarine)

1/2 cup of sugar (aka not a lot)

1 3/4 oz diced dried pineapple (What could possibly go wrong?)

1 egg

3 tbsp of milk (yep, you read that right. 3 TABLESPOONS! Not a lotta milk)

Annddd a pincho salt

Oh yeah, I forgot I took this shot, but I made all the ingredients look like they were friends and had them pose for the picture.


Who knew that among this group was a traitor. One of these ingredients is not like the other. But let’s carry on with the recipe.

The first three suspects are the salt, flour, and baking powder. They get sifted together, so the culprit would be easily among them. However, flour and baking powder don’t taste like anything, and there’s only a pinch of salt in the recipe, so those three suspects are eliminated.

The next suspect is margarine, which is the poor man’s butter. Like seriously, just use butter. It gets folded into the flour mixture with your fingertips. So it’s a quite likely suspect, as it isn’t even butter. Wait until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs.


And now, the next suspect is… sugar! The sweetenerifier thingamadoodle can cause lots of damage. Mix it in the the flour mix.

Oh yeah and then there’s the dried pineapple that you mix in. I guess that’s a suspect.

The next suspect is the egg, to texture the dough. Or so you think, there could be a lot behind it. You mix it in with the rest of the dough.

The next suspect is whole milk, who we interrogated.

Trip Over Food: What is your use in this recipe?

Whole Milk: I am here when to make the dough more doughy. If the egg isn’t enough, just add 1, 2, or 3 tablespoons of me!

TOF: Really? Well why are you so suspicious.

WM: I don’t know, I don’t taste like anything

TOF: One more question, how can you talk?

The interrogation tape was cut there. So the whole milk obviously isn’t a suspect. This is what the dough should look like after you’ve finished everything up to here.


So that’s all the suspects. Right now, the most suspicious is the margarine. The fraud of a dairy product is at the front of the suspicion list. But let’s carry on with the recipe, to see is the rolling and cutting can give us clues. So, you roll the dough using on empty glass until it’s 5 mm long. And then you cut it with a cookie cutter or the same empty glass. Is that it? yes? Well,

Now heat up the stove to medium low or low heat and put some margarine on a griddle. Wait! Margarine! Ugh! I knew that the margarine was the culprit! So obvious. So use butter instead of margarine. Please. Anyways, 3 at a time, put the cookies in the griddle and cook them until they are golden, about 1-1.5 minutes on each side. And you are done.

But, as a bonus, we have the actual transcript of my reaction to it


Well, I guess it wasn’t the margarine after all! But still, use butter instead. The pineapple gives this recipe a 70/100, but without the pineapple, which I recommend doing, it gets a 75/100 or so.

Recipe: http://www.healthy-life.narod.ru/wor_ek33.htm

5 thoughts on “BURKINA FASO: Banfora Welshcakes

  1. I agree with Nana Judy, as I love pineapple, also. I agree butter is better than margarine. Nicely done, Jack!
    Comments are very helpful 😻


  2. Hey Jack, this was really Fun to read!
    Your creativity is awesome. Even if I’m not going to make the welsh cakes, your recipes provide a lot of humor! What a talent you have! 👍👍


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