BURUNDI- Anise Bread

This bread is good (Talk about going in depth). It’s great for Burundi, the 3rd poorest nation on Earth. For more about this, watch this video!

IMG_2596.JPGAnyways, this is what you’ll need

3 1/2 cup all purpose flour (That’s a lot)

3 teaspoons of instant yeast (Well we are making bread),

1/4 cup sugar (Oh yeah, sugar)

1/4 teaspoon salt (Oh yeah, salt)


1 tablespoon of anise seeds (This is basically smaller fennel seeds)

3 oz vegetable shortening (This is so hard to clean)
And 1 cup of whole milk (A lot)
First, mix together the flour, salt, yeast, and sugar. So basically all the dry ingredients.
What do you do with the rest of the ingredients? Put them in a saucepan and heat lightly to melt the shotnin’. And then, using a candy thermometer, let the mixture cool down to 115 degrees. Let me tell you, this takes quite a while, so in the meantime, read my blogs (Except the Belgian Waffle one, that one’s bad)!
Alright, now that it’s cooled down, pour the milk-shortening-anise mix into the flour and steer eet up (You should probably use an automatic mixer, for the step coming up, but if you don’t have one or want to take it ULTRA STYLE, just mix it yourself).
Next, either knead the dough with a dough hook on an automatic mixer for 10 minutes, or if you don’t have a mixer, or if you want to take it ULTRA STILE, knead with your hands for 12 minutes.
Now, shape the dough however you want. I attempted to braid it, using this video
But I miserably failed. So I just threw the bread into the pot (If you want to see which pot to use, look at the cover photo).
Have you noticed that I haven’t told you to preheat the oven yet? That because, believe it or not, you don’t! Just put a cover on the pot, stick it in the oven, turn the heat to 400 degrees, and wait for 40 minutes.
If it doesn’t look cooked enough (The picture at the top of the blog is fully cooked), remove the cover, stick it back in the oven, and wait for 2-5 minutes.
Now you are done! This bread is really good, and it’s easy to make. In fact, it gets a 93/100!
And that’s the end of the B’s! Up next is Cambodia!

5 thoughts on “BURUNDI- Anise Bread

  1. Jack I think I would like this bread. Yes, it seems like it would be hard to braid😳.
    Sometime when you are cooking or baking a dish, I want to come down and watch you. You have far exceeded my capabilities, I’m not nearly as adventuresome as you are. Although, you are inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone. I love that your videos teach us the geography and culture of each country! So glad you are back.
    But, I can imagine that your homework takes quite a bit of time, so understandable if you’re not able to spend as much time cooking? 😀


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