CAMBODIA: Num Pang Sandwich Shop

Hello everyone! Time for a history lesson! No, no, not a Cambodian history. Geography Now has you covered.

I mean the Trip Over Food history, which actually started with a Cambodian restaurant in New York. Ithaca to be exact. My mom thought of the idea after realizing how unique Cambodian food is. And here I am, at a Cambodian restaurant in New York. Manhattan to be exact. Now, for a recap of Trip Over Food.

The first post was titled Hello from TOF, and was a whopping paragraph long. Ironically though, it tells more about the blog than the About page, wow I have to update that page. Anyways, the first 5 blogs I did were really brief blogs, with the Fungi blog literally copying the recipe. But then things change and I started to add more wit into my blogs. Well, the first time, in my Dulce de Leche Cake blog, it was awful, with such amazing quotes as “After that’s popping, (Ha, get it, popping!)” and “And guess what, because TWO-morrow is TWO-sday, let’s do TWO photos!”. Also I bragged about seeing Styx a lot in that blog.

But then things started going uphill with each post, and by the time I reached Salada di Batata, or Salida di Batata, I don’t know, my posts actually had quality. Then Trip Over Food 2.0 happened. This was when I started to actually love my blog. I added a logo, and I advertised in every way I could. I wanted people to see me cook (And go to restaurants). 2015 was the best year for Trip Over Food. All the recipes were great, spare a few, and it was only the start. I was making parodies, I was starting inside jokes such as “Whip it” and “Steer eet up”, and showing off my hatred for onions.

The exact date of the beginning of the dark ages for Trip Over Food was December 5, 2015, with my Liege Waffles. “Why?” You may ask. Well, it was the first video blog I did, and it was awful, and that’s an understatement. So instead of showing you the actual video, I’ll show you my reaction to it 1 year later.


So now you can see how awful this video was. But it looked like Trip Over Food was going to go back on track, with one of my favorite blog posts (Fry Jacks) directly succeeding it. But they went downhill fast, reverting back to the original format of copying the recipe. But this time I had excuses like, “But hey! I told you it’s the second easiest!” and “let’s do a Throwback to when my recipes were bland!” (Yes, that’s exactly what it said” Then I remembered that I could go to restaurants, so I went to a Bosnian restaurant in Astoria.

But then I posted “TWO GIGANTIC ANNOUNCEMENTS!” Ooh, I wonder what those could be! Could they save the blog? No, they tried to ruin the blog. The first one was a poll on whether I add more videos. No, please no. The other one says that if there is a restaurant based off of the country, I must go to the restaurant. At least I think that’s what it means. This is what it says, “If it doesn’t have a restaurant, I make a recipe from the country!” What? Alright, I have to delete that post, it makes zero sense. Looks like those announcements aren’t so gigantic. Also, instead of goodbye I say “Keep tripping,” which is just…. no. So, looks like there are no more videos. Oh wait.

At least I could hear what I was saying in the Liege Waffles video. That’s the exact moment Trip Over Food started going way downhill. As if the gods of Trip Over Food did not want videos, I failed on 3 occasions to make a video for my blog. The worst post I ever created, yes, even worse than the Liege Waffles post, was the Custard Tarts blog. It was just a mess of videos and pictures and words and dated references. After that, I decided to take a hiatus. A 10 month hiatus, to be exact.

Until one day in January, I looked up at my Trip Over Food sign in my room and I thought, I’m gonna do Trip Over Food again. And then, like a cheesy movie, Trip Over Food started up again, with its blogs better than ever.

Which leads us to now, we’re right where we started. At a Cambodian restaurant in New York. This Cambodian restaurant is called the Num Pang Sandwich shop, and it has several locations in New York City. It is a really popular place. Why? Because of their specialty sandwich of course! And what is their specialty sandwich? Only the best combination of the most random foods imaginable! And what is that combination? You know what, I’m just going to show you a picture.


Wow, that image quality is bad. If you can’t see, it’s cilantro, pickled carrots, chili mayo, a cucumber, and a choice of a meat on a baguette. I know, I thought it was the weirdest combination ever as well. But then I tried it.


And it was just incredible. Everything seemed to come together, the sweetness of the carrots, the spiciness of the mayo and honey (honey was a topping on my pulled pork sandwich), and the freshness of the cucumber. Well, here’s more pictures.


Picture of me smiling with my phone in the background for some reason


My dad and I feasting on our sammiches.


I dunno this looked kinda cool.

Anyways, I definitely highly recommend this place to anyone in the area, it is popular for a reason!

This gets a 91/100!


8 thoughts on “CAMBODIA: Num Pang Sandwich Shop

  1. Your post was a very good self critique. Also it was adventurous of you to try all those ingredients in the Cambodian sandwich,and the discription made me want to try one too. Love NJ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have a few friends in NYC and I’m going to send this restaurant, Num Pang Sandwich Shop, review to them.
    Jack, I love that you have such a wonderful curiosity to learn about, and cook the foods of different countries.


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